The GlobalEnglish Story

GlobalEnglish has a single vision – to create unprecedented success for global enterprises and professionals by advancing their Enterprise Fluency™. Enterprise Fluency is the communication, collaboration and operational proficiency companies must have to profitably expand their global footprint.

When you compete in a global economy with a workforce that has difficulty communicating and collaborating with each other, communication problems quickly become business problems. Internal and external miscommunication affect innovation, speed to market, execution, customer satisfaction, profitability, and many other key measures of company success. In short, Enterprise Fluency is not just nice to have; it is crucial pillar for expanding into new markets, competing globally and managing global teams.

And we believe that Business English is the critical skill that fuels Enterprise Fluency. So we’ve developed an innovate suite of software solutions that provide instant, on-the-job support for business tasks in English–such as writing emails–and programs for building lasting Business English proficiency, along with assessments and personal coaching products.

Learn more at or contact us to discover how you can advance your company’s Enterprise Fluency today…can you really afford not to?


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