Mission: Very Possible

Embracing and Profiting from The Remarkable Convergence of Globalization Through English as a Common Business Language

Even though there are only 300 million native English speakers on the planet, more than one in four humans actually speaks English, and that percentage in business is much higher.  Due to a combination of timing, needs, and economic influence, enterprises across the globe have adopted English as the de facto language of business.

English has become the “universal translator” of commerce among businesses in various countries that need to communicate with one another–and not because everyone in business is working with the U.S. (or England or Canada or Australia).  It would be an impossible task to ask every business person to learn the language of every other county they deal with.  Rather, to simply survive globalization, organizations have adopted English as the universal language of global business.  In other words, when Brazilians speak to the Chinese, it is rare they will speak in either Portuguese or Mandarin — they will speak English.

So where does that leave global organizations? Thankfully, the impossible goal of employees’ learning every language on the planet has been replaced with a difficult — yet achievable and necessary — goal, to get all knowledge workers in global enterprises to use English effectively in business.

As of today, there’s still a long way to go. 70% of today’s global workforce speaks English as a second language, yet only 7% think they speak it well enough to do their jobs!  This gap is the genesis of the core mission of GlobalEnglish.  We were founded on a singular premise — to advance Enterprise Fluency™, the communication, collaboration and operational proficiency companies must have to profitably expand their global footprint.

We firmly believe globalization brings companies, cultures, and commerce together, and that these trends will continue to accelerate far into this century.  This is a unique time in world history — the confluence of economic advancement and technology has allowed global businesses to tap into both resources and markets never thought attainable only a few short decades ago.   New players continue to emerge, existing ones remake themselves, and consumers are blessed with ever increasing choices.

As a company whose purpose it is to help organizations succeed by equipping their employees with the Business English communication skills necessary to conduct global business, we look forward to these developments and believe the promise of globalization is very much achievable.  But it all starts with your organization’s level of Enterprise Fluency.

To learn more about GlobalEnglish’s vision and purpose, please visit our website.

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